Driver CE tautliner (Genk) (VACE298)


  • Antwerpen/Genk
  • Internationaal
  • 12-15h
  • Fulltime
  • Dayshift, Stay out
  • ca. € 700 a week with deduction accomodation

Are you a driver with good communicative skills?


This is a forward-looking company, which invest in their staff, their fleet and their infrastructure. They have been around for 80 years and are still expanding. It is a company where the driver still counts and you are heard if you have a problem! Each year they provide several trainings for their staff. For example: driving simulator, slipping course, code 95, training load security, forklift, lifestyle (if you want to quit smoking they will pay you 1/2 of the costs!) They take a high ranking in HR procedures. They are certified in paycheck. This means that they follow every regulations concerning correct payslips, correct salaries, and bonuses, etc…, they are looking for responsible drivers with good communicative skills who want to stay out for 3-4 days and sometimes the whole week. You are driving with a young DAF of Volvo tautliner that is equipped with all conveniences (including standard air conditioning). Your working area is mainly Belgium and the Netherlands, although you may sometimes jump over the border of Germany as well. Planning is easy when you don’t want to sleep at home every day. You mainly load and unload wood and board material. When loading (which you don’t have to do yourself) you always keep an eye on things. After all, you are responsible for the number and condition of your cargo. You also have to pay attention to securing your cargo. This is very important so no damage occurs. You will be given a fixed location as close as possible to your home address where we can place the truck behind a close gate and under supervision. A smartphone is part of your standard equipment, on which you communicate with the dispatcher, receive the orders and keep track of your hours.

Extra info;

  • Every 14 days your stay 3-4 nights in your truck, accommodation is provided. Possible accommodation = apartment in a quiet area next to a school/grocery store. There we have 3 separate bedrooms with common kitchenette and bathroom. This can be provided each 14 days when the driver needs to take his break. Or we provide a hostel/hotel every second weekend. (50€/week)
  • 2 weeks leave is not paid. In Belgium the official vacation days = 20 days. If you work 39 hours a week = 6 extra days (ADV days), 40 hours a week = 12 extra days (ADV-days).
  • Trucks are equipped with stationary airco /nice cabin.
  • Loads need to be secured properly; this is the responsibility of the driver. If something is damaged; Always inform dispo!

Functie eisen

  • Rijbewijs: CE
  • Certficaat: NA
  • Attest: NA

Wij bieden

  • Loon: 700 a week with deduction accomodation
  • Maaltijdcheques: NA
  • Overuren vanaf: Over 12 hours working time/ a day
  • Beschikbaarheidstijd: 100%
  • Vrachtwagen mee naar huis: Discussible
  • Overige vergoedingen: 38,1180€/ night